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30 Route 9P
Malta, New York
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The Bass Manor Bed & Breakfast and Art Museum is a private Museum located in Malta, five minutes from the historic city of Saratoga Springs, in upstate New York.

The Museum represents a unique, totality of vision, presenting art in a non-traditional setting. Ms. Dooley designed the building with the idea of blending the classical with a 21st Century Modernism. All interior details and furnishings are presented in association with the art, allowing the viewer a truly original experience. Creating a Museum within a home environment was done to allow the viewer a fresh and intimate approach to the art experience.

The Bass Manor Museum is a dedicated Museum to the Abstract artist Truman Egleston. Mr Egleston is a leader in the Formalists movement with a vocabulary that is not only inventive but widely extensive. Egleston's refined spatial precision and unique chromatic intuition present works that are as compelling and timeless as the Pyramids.

The Bass Manor Museum presents a fifty year retrospective in it's permanent collection. His signature abstract, color Luminescence is featured in "The Bleecker Street Series", and the Icons of the 1990's, The Bear Bar, and The Key Stone Series.

The Museum is open by appointment for art professionals and group tours. Open events for the public are being scheduled and will be advertised.

The Croppy Boy Series

Joy Manor
"Going Places, Photo Visions"

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Truman Egleston

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Joy Manor