Truman Egleston
Abstract Action Painter
1931- 2014

Egleston's color concepts represent a new order for Abstract Expressionism. With his signature LUMINESCENCE, he has not only mastered color, he has created a new vocabulary. The ZEN expression of spirit and emotion in his color creates the final order and harmony to his classical Abstraction.
- Cassandra Dooley

Power, Color, Energy, Light

  For over 40 years I have been an action painter and an advocate of spontaneous application of paint in my abstract imagery. My philosophical attitude and creative activity grew directly out of Jackson Pollocks aesthetic conclusions. I carried action painting into a new area of sculptural color luminism during the past twenty years.

  My action paining is manifested in color and form refinement different from Jackson Pollocks elegant, linar color conclusions. In other words high resolution blending (Bear Bars and Key Stone series) is created by hand in the swiftest action possible in the spontaneous application of paint.

  As a true action painter I have continued the free spirit of abstract expressionism for half a century as an innovator with color as luministic space. I have gone far beyond mimicking or imitating the gesture of the abstract expressionism of the 1940's and 50's, but still remained an action painter with completely different aesthetic results. The gesture and action, in my work, is in the creation of the blend and cannot be seen in the finished color as it is refined into a highly resolved sculptural color experience. The centers of all Keystone paintings are also action painting or spontaneously resolved as swiftly as possible.

  I am the only artist that has carried on a tradition of abstract expressionism into a whole new 21st century aesthetic.